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Spotlight on Our Founder: Jason Ambrosino on Montel Williams' "Let's Be Blunt" Podcast

We're thrilled to share an exciting update with our Blunt Talk community! Our very own founder, Jason Ambrosino, recently made a guest appearance on Montel Williams' renowned podcast, "Let's Be Blunt." In this insightful session, Jason delves into the dynamic and challenging world of New York’s cannabis scene, sharing his unique journey from military service to becoming a pioneering force in the cannabis industry with Veterans Holdings and Veterans Hemp Market.

From Military Service to Cannabis Advocacy

Jason's transition from the military to the cannabis sector is not just a career change but a mission-driven pursuit to improve lives. During his conversation with Montel, he discussed the profound impact that cannabis can have on veterans, especially those grappling with chronic pain and PTSD. Jason's deep-rooted commitment to the veteran community drives every initiative and innovation at Veterans Holdings, aiming to make cannabis therapy more accessible and understood among veterans.

Tackling New York's Cannabis Regulations

New York’s cannabis regulations are notoriously complex, but Jason sheds light on how he and his team are navigating these waters. His insights into the regulatory landscape help demystify the challenges and opportunities within the state's burgeoning market. By tackling these tough regulations head-on, Jason is helping to shape a more inclusive and equitable cannabis industry.

Debunking Cannabis Misconceptions

In his discussion, Jason also took the opportunity to set the record straight on some common misconceptions about cannabis. From the therapeutic benefits to the business of cannabis, he provides clear, evidence-based perspectives that aim to educate and inform. His expertise is particularly valuable for those new to cannabis or skeptical of its benefits.

Exciting Developments and Future Plans

Listeners of the podcast were also treated to a sneak peek into what's next for cannabis in New York, as well as the exciting developments at Veterans Choice Creations (VCC), New York Honey, and Space Buds. Jason's vision for the future includes not only expanding product lines and services but also deepening the commitment to community and veteran support.

Tune In Now

Don't miss out on this compelling conversation full of real talk and actionable insights linked here. Tune into Montel Williams' "Let's Be Blunt" to hear Jason Ambrosino share his journey, challenges, and the exciting future he envisions for the cannabis community. It’s an engaging episode that promises to enlighten and inspire! Happy listening!

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