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Veteran's Holdings Inc is a family-owned company built on the vision of a service-disabled combat Army Veteran, Jason, alongside his wife Sonja. As an extension of Veterans Holdings, Inc., a licensed New York State manufacturer and processor, VCC offers high-quality, handcrafted cannabis products at affordable prices. We're the sister company to Veteran's Hemp Market, and our mission is clear: provide superior cannabis experiences specifically for veterans and their families.


Our journey started with a deep commitment to quality. We handcraft small-batch cannabis products designed to meet the unique needs of veterans. We're a small but dynamic team driven by innovation, a passion for making a positive difference, and the belief that cannabis products can create life-changing experiences. At VCC, we're more than just a company – we're a community built on shared experiences and a commitment to supporting veterans and their families.

Giving Back

Veteran's Choice Creations (VCC) wasn't founded solely for profit. We believe access to affordable cannabis is a right, not a luxury. This powerful plant has the potential to improve lives, and we're dedicated to making its healing properties a reality for everyone.

As a family-owned business built by a veteran, we understand the specific needs of our community. That's why we partner with dispensaries to ensure fair pricing and break down financial barriers. VCC isn't just about selling cannabis; it's about empowering people. We want veterans, their families, and anyone seeking relief to access high-quality cannabis without financial burden. Join our mission to keep cannabis "for the people, by the people," ensuring its benefits reach those who need it most.


At Veterans Choice Creations, we firmly believe in the power of collaboration over competition. Our commitment to partnership is rooted in the understanding that joining forces with other innovators in the cannabis industry, such as Silly Nice, Edie Parker, Continental Exotics, and Lobo, enables us to enhance our product diversity and quality. By collaborating, we leverage unique strengths and perspectives that lead to groundbreaking products and solutions. This approach not only fosters a more dynamic and inclusive industry but also ensures that our customers have access to the most exceptional and satisfying cannabis experiences available. We are dedicated to building relationships that elevate the entire cannabis community, making it more robust and vibrant for everyone involved.

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