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WHS: Summer Mix Variety Pack

WHS: Summer Mix Variety Pack


Introducing our latest collaboration with the esteemed Goldfinch Farms, bringing you a meticulously curated variety pack crafted from the finest fresh frozen material, expertly cryo-cured to perfection. This exclusive collection showcases the pinnacle of our dedication to quality and innovation in cannabis production.

Variety Pack Includes:

  • 1g Hash Infused Blunt (19.4% THC): Experience a smooth and potent smoke with our hash-infused blunt, perfectly balanced for an elevated session.
  • 1.75g Cryo-Cured Flower (23% THC): Savor the rich, robust flavors and powerful effects of our cryo-cured flower, offering a premium cannabis experience.
  • 0.5g Bubble Hash Puck (46% THC): Discover the concentrated potency of our bubble hash puck, perfect for those seeking an intense, pure high.

Indulge in the harmony of these three exceptional products, each reflecting our commitment to excellence and the unique benefits of cryo-cured cannabis. Elevate your experience with this special variety pack, a testament to our partnership with Goldfinch Farms and our passion for delivering top-tier cannabis.

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