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WHS: New York Honey "Mimosa" 510 Cartridge

WHS: New York Honey "Mimosa" 510 Cartridge


Wake up to the vibrant, effervescent charm of New York Honey "Mimosa" 510 Cartridge, a refreshing burst of citrusy sweetness that invigorates the senses, ideal for kickstarting your day with positivity and a zestful energy..

  • Hybrid
  • 1 Gram
  • Total THC 73.55%
  • Total TAC 79.95%



    Getting Started:

    • Prepare Your Cartridge: Before using your New York Honey 510 Cartridge, ensure it's at the optimal temperature. If the oil appears too thick, gently roll the cartridge between your hands or utilize the preheat setting on your battery (if available) to achieve a smooth consistency.


    Optimal Usage:

    • Set the Correct Temperature: For an ideal vaping experience, adjust your battery to a temperature setting of 3.7V or higher. Lower temperatures may not vaporize the oil efficiently, leading to potential clogging or underperformance.

    • Vaping Technique: Take gentle, steady draws to ensure the oil is vaporized effectively, providing a consistent and enjoyable experience.


    Maintenance and Storage:

    • Storage: Unlike typical ceramic 510 cartridges, New York Honey cartridges are designed to be stored upside down. This orientation is crucial as it aligns with the cartridge's bottom-fill design, preventing clogs and leaks effectively.

    • Cleaning: Should your battery or cartridge connection become dirty, a simple wipe with a little rubbing alcohol will clean it up. There's no need to dispose of your battery for minor spills or leaks.



    • Clogging Issues: If you encounter any clogging, it's likely due to vaping at too low a temperature. Adjust your battery to the recommended 3.7V or higher to resolve this issue.

    • Handling Leaks: In the rare event of a leak, ensure the cartridge is stored upside down and check if the temperature setting is correct. Leaks are often a sign of under-vaporization.


    Customer Support:

    • Support and Replacements: Should you experience any issues with your cartridge, our customer support is here to help. Most problems can be resolved quickly, and if necessary, replacements and additional guidance will be provided to ensure your satisfaction.

    By following these instructions, you'll enjoy the full range of flavors and effects that New York Honey 510 Cartridges offer, ensuring a premium vaping experience.

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