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Pot & Head Hash Hole Blunt 3.5g

Pot & Head Hash Hole Blunt 3.5g


Traditional Classification: 
Pink Runtz: Hybrid (Balanced Indica/Sativa)
Mimosa: Hybrid (Sativa-Dominant)
Effects:Euphoric High, Creative Burst, Relaxation, Uplifting
THC: 39%
TAC: 45.4%

Unleash the Chill with Pot and Head

Alright, our fellow cannabis enthusiasts, buckle up for the ultimate ride with the Pot and Head Hash Hole Blunt! We’re talking 3.5 grams of pure, unadulterated bliss, packed with the legendary Pink Runtz flower and a hefty dose of Mimosa Bubble Hash.

This baby isn't just any blunt – it’s a powerhouse, boasting a whopping 39% THC and 45.4% TAC. What does that mean for you? A one-way ticket to Chillville, population: you.


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